Momschooled Book Club

Join us for the book of the month club!


This novel takes place after A Wrinkle in Time, with many of the main characters in the first book making repeat appearances in A Wind in the Door. In this second novel of the Time Quintet, Meg and Calvin must team up with an unlikely ally, Mr. Jenkins and a dragon on a journey into Charles Wallace to save his life and protect the balance of the universe.

A Wind in the Door presents the opportunity to delve into biology, mythology, and faith. This is a great novel to provide discussion of second chances and conquering our faults. Like all of Madeleine L’Engle’s novels, A Wind in the Door offers as much depth as the reader can mine from its pages. For younger students, this novel is a great introduction to science fiction and the study of biology. Older readers will see the themes of change and redemption.

We will be posting discussion questions during the first week of September. We will be opening a private Facebook page for the kiddos to discuss the novel at the end of the month. We will also make a complete unit plan with extension activities available on our teachers pay teachers page. Please join us in studying one of my most favorite novels.

Let us know if you plan to read with us!