When You Can’t Call in a Sub-One Sick Homeschooling Mom

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For pretty much my entire life, I have been sick for the month of November. I get a hacking, horrible cough that leaves me pretty much incapable of doing anything. When I was in the classroom, I could call for a substitute. Now, there is no one to call.  I always thought it was because I have been around kids since I was in pre-school. I really thought that once I was at home with only my kid, I would avoid these fun little cold and flu bugs. Obviously no. That is not going to happen.

So when I woke up with a pounding sinus headache today, I am wondering what do homeschool moms do when they are down for the count?This is a short post. I am really hoping some of you experienced moms can help out.

So…here’s a thought. What will J-man do when if I get sick? The hubs is a full-time student with an almost full-time job outside the home, so I can’t expect him to take over for me. I know we will probably not be following a traditional school schedule., but what if something happens? What contingency plans do you guys have in place for when you are not at your best? This sickie mom wants to know!

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